Our Vision

Via Cavour is Toronto’s home of contemporary Italian style for the sophisticated, discerning man. With 60 years of combined experience in luxury menswear, co-owners Santo De Rose and Fabio Fata pride themselves on their meticulous choices and discriminating taste.

Widely traveled in Italy, and across Europe and North America, Fabio and Santo select the latest and finest Italian menswear, carefully curated for the North American audience. Each collection is elegantly showcased in its own specialty area in store. Exclusive, personalized service is a hallmark of the Via Cavour experience.

If clothes make the man, Via Cavour is his preferred style destination.


Santo De Rose

Santo was born in Toronto but like his future partner Fabio, also started working in menswear at age 16. He began as a stock boy for a large retailer but knew his future was on the floor, engaging with people, expressing his love of style and fashion. Before long he was a salesman and while still a teenager, outselling the experienced guys around him. Like Fabio, Santo nurtured his innate ability to transfer his sense of style and taste to his customers. After two decades of working for a small menswear store, he opened his own shop with another partner. Santo noticed that those items he carried suggested by his clothing rep - Fabio - flew off the shelves. And so the idea was born: combining their talents, Santo and Fabio, and the growing number of trusting friends and customers who had come to rely on their guidance, decided to go out on their own and open a brand new fine Italian menswear store in Toronto.


Fabio Fata

Born in Italy, Fabio immigrated to Canada at age 13. Within a few years, he began working part time at a small Italian clothing store in Toronto. Even though he was still in high school and worked just a few hours a week, his influence was immediately felt. It was here that Fabio discovered he could communicate his passion and taste in style to customers. Business steadily increased and Fabio’s career flourished. Over the next couple of decades, he grew from salesman to store manager, the whole time refining his ability to select and curate the perfect wardrobe for his customers. In the early 90s he made a change, becoming a representative for an Italian clothing brand in Canada. It was in this position that he first met Santo and realized they were destined to work together.