Milan: A Culinary Day Trip

No matter what your reasons for travelling, every trip to Italy is centered around food. That is especially true for Fabio and Santo, who travel to different parts of the country but have vivid memories of meals enjoyed with friends al fresco or in neighbourhood trattorias and bistros.

Piazza Del Duomo

Piazza Del Duomo


Milan is probably their most visited city, as it is the heart of Italy’s fashion industry. This is where Santo and Fabio can meet with artisans and makers in person, see their new collections first hand, and make their choices for the upcoming season. And between all the meetings and fine menswear, there is food. And what fantastic food.


A day in Milan typically starts at Fabio and Santo’s hotel of choice, the Diana Majestic, the home of the best garden patio in the city. Breakfast, in typical Milanese style, is not a long, relaxed affair, but quick and efficient. They guys head across the Piazza Guglielmo Oberdan to “Ca’puccino,” a small bistro. Eggs, pastries and espressos are enjoyed while plans are made for the day: who to visit and what to buy.


Lunch in Milan is often enjoyed with one of Via Cavour’s artisans but occasionally, Santo and Fabio are on their own. On those days they head to “Mezza Luna” a cozy, casual restaurant just to the west of Milan’s historic centre. The tables here are jam packed into the small space so that you feel like you’re eating with the entire extended family in your aunt’s kitchen. The menu at Mezza Luna includes a bit of everything and while it’s all delicious, Fabio and Santo recommend the pizza, especially for lunch. Some of the best in Milan.

Once the day’s meetings are done, and Santo and Fabio have made their finds and choices, it’s time for the most important meal in an Italian day: dinner. And there is only one place to go for seafood lovers like Fabio and Santo: “Langosteria Bistrot” near the Basilica di Sant'Eustorgio. Langosteria serves the best seafood in the city and so the guys don’t even bother with the menu. In fact, they don’t tell the waiter what they want, he tells them what they are going to eat. The meal is always extraordinary and special and they always enjoy it. Santo and Fabio recommend you do the same: just let the waiter know what you like and don’t like and allow him to offer you the best plate of the day.

Langosteria Bistrot   - photo courtesy of

Langosteria Bistrot - photo courtesy of


The main reason Fabio and Santo love this experience at Langosteria is not just the exceptional food, it is that feeling of being taken care of, giving their trust over to someone they know will deliver something exceptional. “That’s what we try to do for our clients,” says Santo, “so we love it when someone does it for us.”

Marc De Rose