Hands-on with Brunello Cucinelli

A few times a year, Fabio and Santo travel to Italy. They visit artisans and makers to get an indepth look at their new collections - all the latest items soon to arrive in store for the next season. With you in mind, they make their selections, the shirts and jackets, shoes, accessories and more that Santo and Fabio know you’ll want in your wardrobe. But what if you could be them for a day? What if you yourself could peruse the newest collections and choose, directly from the brand, what you wanted? And even tailor your selections by customising them exactly to your taste and needs?

Account Executive - Victor Deleon

Account Executive - Victor Deleon


That’s what a Brunello Cucinelli trunk show at Via Cavour means. Every few months a friend of ours from Cucinelli - an account executive to be precise - travels to Toronto and spends a few days in store. He brings along with him clothing samples - shirts, sweaters, jackets and more - as well as catalogues of the full range of what Cucinelli offers. You can try things on and even customise certain items. Is there a sweater you love but you’d prefer it in a different colour? Or maybe you’d like to try your favourite Cucinelli shirt in linen instead of cotton? Most excitingly, and this is the true Fabio/Santo experience, you get to preview the upcoming seasonal collection and make your choices before anyone else. In fact, you get access to some items that Cucinelli never even offers off-the-rack. In other words, true exclusivity.

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Of course a Brunello Cucinelli trunk show isn’t just about curating your own wardrobe, it’s about bringing a little bit of Italian culture directly to Toronto. Via Cavour always feels like a tiny bit of Italia on the shores of Lake Ontario. But by sitting down with us and our friends from Cucinelli, chatting over an espresso - or a “Salute!” over something stronger - you get to experience even more Italian warmth and geniality. Not to mention, you are building a personal relationship with Cucinelli, which means a deeper, more meaningful connection to your wardrobe.


A Cucinelli trunk show is also the chance to build something else: connections with other Via Cavour friends and customers. You’ll find inspiration and camaraderie - seeing what someone else is trying might prompt you to try something new, something you may not have thought of picking yourself.  And you’d be amazed what happens when like-minded guys get together at our shop - we talk about everything from clothes to sports, cars to cigars, business to vacations. Connections are made, ideas are born.

Thanks to your involvement in events like Brunello Cucinelli trunk shows, Via Cavour has become what we dreamed of when we opened fifteen years ago. Via Cavour is more than a store, it’s a community.



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