Paolo Scafora's First Trunk Show

We first met Paolo on a buying trip to Italy. We were struck by his warmth, his passion for handmade and especially, of course, his shoes. Fully hand-welted in Naples - which means the inside of the shoe’s sole is attached to the rest of the shoe by hand, not by machine, a process that requires remarkable skill - the style of Paolo’s shoes perfectly compliments our own. His shoes are classic but with an edge. They are sleek and robust. Quintessentially Italian but with a fresh style that they can be worn everywhere, casually or more dressed up.


As Paolo toured us through his laboratorio - his workshop on the outskirts of Naples - we only had one thing in mind: we needed to bring this experience to Via Cavour. We wanted our friends and customers to see first hand how Paolo’s shoes are made and to experience the passion that inspires them. A Paolo Scafora trunk show at Via Cavour gives you all that and more.


Every season, Paolo releases a new line of ready-to-wear shoes. His visit to Via Cavour is a chance to hear from the shoemaker himself all about his latest collection. Like a fine chef joining you at the table for dinner, Paolo is able to explain why he designed and built the shoes the way he did.

Paolo also comes to town with a mini-laboratorio: shoes in various stages of construction so that you can truly understand everything that goes into making a pair. As they say, “the last is first” and you’ll get to see and appreciate these wooden “feet” Paolo creates that his shoes are built upon. There are stitched uppers, the leather that covers the shoe, before they are attached. There are open soles, so you can see all the engineering and pieces that go into building a sole. Paolo demonstrates in person both the hand-welting and the outsole stitching, when he attaches the bottom of the sole to the rest of the shoe. And don’t be put off by the fact that all his demo shoes are white. That is “crust” leather which hasn’t been stained yet. At Paolo Scafora, all the patina work - giving his shoes their signature colour and style - is done in house.


All this handwork means a lot of opportunities for customisation. And this is one of the other great reasons Paolo comes to Via Cavour. By meeting him in person, you can customise a made-to-order pair of his shoes, making changes to the leather, the colour and even the type of last used. With a step up to made-to-measure, the last itself can be adjusted to your measurements, while all the other features of the shoe can be customised. You also have a chance to try full bespoke, where almost anything is possible. Paolo starts by carving a new last based on the measurements of your feet alone. You can build the rest of the shoe together, with Paolo guiding you - with input from Fabio and Santo of course - to choose the entire style and shape of your bespoke shoe.


Best of all, a visit from Paolo means a direct connection to one of our family of artisans. Nothing can match the experience of meeting a maker, of knowing, personally, who made your clothes. That way, they aren’t simply a pair of shoes. They are your shoes.


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