What’s the expression? Only hindsight is 20 20 (vision)? The past is always tense, the future perfect? Whatever allegory you tell yourself about the life you’ve lived, the truth remains that we are constantly at the mercy of time. In that truth, you realize just how important being present in every moment is… truly being there in the moment - living it. As time is a quantifying system that gives us a gauge from which we can better understand forwards and backwards, what of the things that outlive our existence? Those objects in our lives that seem to transcend time and remain as they are? Watches (we’re not diving into clocks here) live in the duality of “keeping time” and living through it. Sure they age, and if taken care of properly, can be passed down, father to son, to daughter… whatever legacy you can think of.  We thought about how big of a task that is, for these tiny objects that we wear. Some on occasion, some daily. They then become a bit more than just a keeper of time, they possess a more significant purpose - a reminder of our mortality and by proxy, the need to really live every passing second, minute and hour. We wouldn’t typically rouse now diluted philosophic prose like CARPE DIEM, but ain’t this the definition of it? So, with that said, seize the day, and live purposefully.