People of interest is a light dive into individuals we find are shaping their industry, making strides in a world where detail is paramount to beauty. This series touches on those we think have it - that quiet unabashed quality that needs no real spotlight but is always deserving of a conversation. Amid the pandemic, in the midst of life-changing around us, each moment we spend together feels that much more special. We were lucky enough to meet up with real estate pundit Christopher Bibby for our second iteration of the series. Bibby is the face behind much of Toronto’s high-end real estate offerings - but outside of running the gamut of the realtor market, he is a collector of rare vinyl record… we were just as pleasantly surprised as you. With that in mind, there was no better place to meet than his favourite hidden gem in Toronto Cosmos Records. Tucked away on Queen St. West, we were privy to some of the rarest vinyl pressings. It’s the kind of place Q-Tip (from Tribe Called Quest fame) calls up to find those records you simply can’t find anywhere else. Although, the owner Aki Abe wouldn’t tell you any of this. Quietly humble, not too unlike Bibby himself. The above is a peek into our day trip to the far side of analogue sound and some special pressings. 

"Fashion, like music, offers a form of expression and individuality and I see many parallels within both. You can have the latest or best quality clothing or the rarest and most sought-after records, but what is most imperative in my opinion is how you put the pieces together, or that a playlist/DJ set is arranged in a way that expresses who you are. We can take all of the same pieces in both artforms and produce very different outcomes based on our creativity and confidence..."

-Christopher Bibby