Sounds From 87 Avenue Vol. I

Music is one of those things most of us might take for granted. Imagine meeting someone for the first time, and instead of idle banter or small talk, you were plugged into an exchange of sounds. The simple idea of being able to connect through a curated set of songs that somehow captured that person’s essence, is well, unheard of (pardon the pun).

So, we guess you could think of this as an extension of us talking to you directly one on one, allowing you to feel us through your speakers.For our first conversation, we’re bringing you open-air big brass trumpets, a soft baseline that draws you in slowly, paced melody that rings in the newness of spring. From Brazilian Jazz band João Gilberto to cult classics singer Grover Washington. Bill Evans and Stan Getz round things out at midnight with Miles Davis. Press play, and let the conversation begin.

This is Sounds from 87 Avenue Vol. I