The Hamlet of Solomeo on Film

A Visual Diary of Brunello Cucinelli’s Headquarters in Umbria, Italy. Documented by our Creative Director Marc De Rose through the lens of a 1978 Olympus XA


Solomeo is a medieval hamlet whose foundation probably dates back to the reclamation of the land in the twelfth century, which saved the valley from abandonment and marked the beginning of its agri-cultural revival. The people who worked on the reclamation built their first houses on the top of the gentle hill because the air was purer.





Solomeo lies deep in Brunello’s heart as it represents the core of his family, business, and spiritual life.

"When I first started the company in 1978, I knew I wanted to create something more than just a brand; I wanted to build something that would provide a better life for other people and for the community. I’m the son of a farmer, born and raised in Umbria, so the region is very close to my heart. And Solomeo is the hometown of my wife, Federica."
- Brunello Cucinelli’s

I saw this beautiful hamlet that was starting to fall apart, and I felt inspired to revive its beauty. I have dedicated much effort into restoring the town with the intention of creating a space that is beautiful for people to enjoy not only now but for many years beyond my time, I believe in maintaining and respecting the history of this town that I love so much."
- Brunello Cucinelli