The neighbourhood 

It's no secret we love food - finding new places to satiate the habit is also on the list of favourites. High time we start sharing them with you. Every month, or so, we'll pop into one or two and let you know everything we can, from secret handshakes, to off-menu items you'd kick yourself for missing. Enter, La Salumeria whom, owner and manager Carlo Celebre would be quick to tell you he doesn't really publicize the place - ironic given his last name roughly translates to FAMOUS from Italian. When you walk into the deli (which is also a gross understatement) the instructions are simple: Step 1, pick a bun from the bakery shelf. Step 2, tell them the meat x cheese x spread combination and voila - you have what some call a sandwich and what we call a work of art. Here's the kick yourself part, rather than do step 2, give the counter chefs the bread, and ask for the special. It's literally the icon of sandwiches, a labour of love, that is off menu, but available any day of the week. 

Trust us, we've done it and wouldn't look back. We'll explore the rest of the menu some other time, for now it's the special for us.