Richard wengle, architect

People of interest is a light dive into individuals we find are shaping their industry, making strides in a world where detail is paramount to beauty. This series touches on those we think have it, that quiet unabashed quality that needs no real spotlight but is always deserving of a conversation.  For our first iteration, we spoke with a dear friend and customer.  Richard Wengle is as much an architect as he is an artist, although he wouldn't tell you that. We had the chance to visit with Richard in his home (at a safe distance) at the tail end of fall. He took us through a few of his sketches of some impressive properties, which he designs with acute attention to detail, shaping and diffusing light among the many facets of design fundamentals of any great architect. We're happy to share a short visual diary of his home, the artifacts of his life, and the charm of the colour palettes around his home.